We make it easier for you to watch birds in their natural habitat

Thanks to the Onaga Birding team’s long experience, our young company offers the best specialised birdwatching tours in Spain and Latin America.

We work in detail in northeastern Spain (Catalonia and Aragon), the western part of the peninsula (the west of Leon, Extremadura and Andalusia), and we also have ample experience in other parts of the peninsula and beyond.

Our special passion for the Neotropics brought us to Eduardo Amengual, who has lived for 5 years in Costa Rica and has visited the majority of Latin American countries. Together we created Onaga Neotropical, a sideshoot of our company specialising in bird and naturalist tours in the region with the highest density of birds on the planet.

We work alongside Castela Tours, a Madrid-based travel agency of 20 years’ standing, which guarantess total legal coverage for all our clients.

We respond to your all needs and tailor our service according to different levels of experience and physical ability.

Our tours are specially designed for observing birds, but we never rule out observing other groups of animals in the surprising and spectacular tropical settings on our itinerary. Early mornings are inevitable as they are the best time of day to watch birds, but we always try to make time for a relaxing breakfast afterwards. Every few days we will move to a different area, trying to explore each site fully, while cutting down as much as possible on actual travel time, our main objective while designing our tours in the Neotropics.

We are Onaga Birding

We work day by day to bring our clients to the most surprising sites

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