Neotropical Tours


Discover our tours for the Neoptropics, the most diverse region on the planet for birds

We have brought together an enthusiastic group of professional guides and field ornithologists with long experience to form Onaga Neotropical.

Our passion for New World birds brought about this pioneering project to reveal and discover more about the fantastic birdlife in the Americas.

We know our way around many corners of Latin America and our aim is to show our clients the amazing birdlife there at accessible prices.

The whole region and its birds act as a magnet for birdwatchers from all over the world. However, logistics can often be complicated and expensive, and our aim is to take care of all the necessities so our clients can observe birds in the many wild habitats we visit, always accompanied by our first-class guides who help with the difficult job of finding and identifying the multitude of bird species we come across.
The Neotropical region is without doubt the most bird-rich region on earth, outclassing all other tropical zones in other continents. The region stretches from southern Mexico and extends down to Argentina. The huge diversity of species found in different habitats can be a little overwhelming for the less experienced, but our hassle-free tours are designed to easily encounter the greatest range of species.